The Natural Environment

Caroline sitting in the tussocks in the South Island high country, 2002.

Caroline liked the outdoors. As a child she enjoyed running on the hills at Te Kouka, and family holidays at Mangakuri Beach where she swam with the dolphins and began her shell collection. As she grew older she liked to take a camera to capture images that appealed to her: sheep in the slanting evening sun, cabbage tree leaves, tangled kelp on the beach, her dog Mobi swimming, rocks and waterfalls. These images often appear in her poetry, and they also inspired her dance.

Caroline at the back of Te Kouka with her dog Mobi, 2000.
Te Kouka
The family farewells the farm Te Kouka, March 2001.
Edward, James, Antony, Bibby & Caroline farewell Te Kouka after the sale of the farm, April 2001