Having Fun

Caroline in a typical fun-loving pose, January 2003. Though Caroline always needed time out - to read, listen to music, write - she loved being with people. As so many photographs show, she laughed alot, she adored dressing up, and having fun. This is what made her such great company: people were drawn to her beaming smile, her warm and effervescent personality.

She loved to party. In the Cardiothoracic Ward at Wellington Hospital the night before her first big operation, she was the sole occupant of a large four-bed room. She lay back in bed, cast a critical eye around, and announced, "You know, this would make a fantastic place for a party."

Three days later, very sore from surgery, she celebrated her 21st birthday in great style. She was irrepressible.

Caroline playing family games at the family farm Te Kouka, 2001. Her 'proper' 21st party was delayed until February 2001. Caroline planned her 'Glamour and Gold' night at Te Kouka meticulously, her biggest problem being what to wear. So she decided to go for it big time, and she changed three times during the course of the evening! She dazzled.